Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some popular, obscure, and funny question you’ve asked us. (Ok, some we anticipated you might ask us.)   Click on a question to learn the answer.

How do you pronounce Urraco?

Urraco is pronounced [ooo' rock' oh'].

What is Urraco?

Urraco is a village located in the mountains surrounding La Cieba, Honduras. The beautiful mountain landscapes and Mayan ruins that surround Urraco inspired us to keep the namesake. We first met the people of Urraco while lending a helping hand in the region after Hurricane Mitch devastated the gulf coast of Honduras in 1998. The elevation, climate and fertile soil in Urraco are perfect for growing organic, Arabica coffee beans. Our long term goal in Urraco is to develop a sustainable coffee farm that will empower the people there to invest in their farm and community, protect their surrounding environment, and develop the business skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace. We aim to produce enough coffee to export one full container per year, grown by the people of Urraco, to be sold exclusively to Urraco Coffee customers by the year 2016 - stay tuned.

Do you offer ground coffee?

If you stop in the shop and buy a bag off the shelf, yes, we will grind it for you. But we only ship our coffee in whole bean form for all online orders. This is for a good cause: your taste buds. Your coffee tastes light years better when you grind it just before brewing. Truth is coffee should not be ground for at least 24 hours after the roast process has finished. These hours are crucial to the bean’s flavor potential as the natural oils concealed within continue to develop and seep out onto the beans’ surface producing its peak flavor. In whole bean form, coffee acts as its own air tight container, preserving its freshness and peak flavor inside. Once ground, the flavor diminishes rapidly. To enjoy the best cup, you should only grind the amount of coffee you are going to brew, immediately before brewing.

Check out our coffee line up and add some freshly roasted, whole bean coffee to your cart.

What about tax and shipping charges?

Tax and shipping are figured after you enter in your address during checkout. Don’t worry… we’re not trying to hide anything. Only Washington residents are taxed for orders (WA requires this). Shipping charges depend on where you live. To give you an idea, shipping a pound of coffee from Washington to Florida costs about $8.00… not too shabby. Bottom line: you’ll be able to review tax and shipping charges before anything hits your credit card.

What’s the best way to grind/brew my coffee?

It’s totally up to you, but here’s what we think works best: The most important thing is to grind just before brewing. And only grind what you are going to brew. We recommend two tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water.

PS: Great coffee starts with great water. Use the purest water you can get your mitts on.

Can coffee really “go bad”?

Kind of… roasted coffee beans can go stale just like bread. It’s best to drink your coffee within two weeks of the roast (but not within 24 hours of roast). When you order a bag of coffee from us you can rest assured that we don't roast your coffee until you order it - and we ship it to you directly from the roaster to ensure it's freshness and peak flavor.

How should I store my coffee?

Contrary to common opinion, coffee should never be stored in the freezer or refrigerator. Coffee is very subjective to its surroundings, and will pick up flavors of other foods in your freezer or refrigerator. To keep your coffee fresh, store it in an airtight container in a cool, dark, dry place to protect it against the staling effects of heat, light, and moisture. It is possible for metal or plastic containers to contaminate your coffees flavor, so use a ceramic container if possible.

Where do you get your green bean coffee from?

We work with a Seattle based coffee importer to get coffee from all over the world. We only buy coffees that are both 100% Fair Trade and 100% Organic. The beans are brought into Seattle by boat in containers, and then warehoused in Auburn, WA until we are ready to pick them up and toss them in the roaster.

What does it mean to be 100% organic?

Short answer: 100% organic means your coffee is free from synthetic junk. The farming methods used to grow the crops are pure. The soil is stringently tested by the USDA. Learn more about organic beans

What does it mean to be 100% Fair Trade Certified™?

Any of the gourmet coffee you buy from us is Fair Trade Certified™ coffee. The goal of Fair Trade certification is to empower small-scale farmers organized in cooperatives to invest in their farms and communities, protect the environment, and develop the business skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace. When you buy our certified fair trade coffee, know there is a governing agency (Transfair USA) that guarantees social improvement.

Do you like the movie “Along Came Polly”?

“Along Came Polly” is definitely in our top five. There is a classic basketball scene where Sandy Lyle can’t hit a single shot, though his ranting would foreshadow otherwise. At one point he yells “RAINDANCE!!!” only to throw an air ball. The scene is hilarious… highly recommended.

Can I expect to perform better at work while drinking your coffee?

For sure. You’ll be invigorated to pump out the TPS reports upon your first sip. Gift some gourmet coffee to your boss and you’re sure to score a high five, or better yet, a high five thousand. Catch our drift?

Do you offer wholesale prices for business to business customers?

Yes! We'd be happy to customize a coffee program tailored to your specific needs including a discounted price based on your volume and frequency. Drop us a line and lets start hashing out the details.

Why is your coffee so expensive?

We understand that buying coffee from us is going to be slightly more expensive than the grocery isles and mass-produced retail chains. The reality is 100% Fair Trade & 100% Organic coffee costs more to purchase, and roasting in small, hand-crafted batches takes a longer amount of time. All this adds up to higher costs, but unearths far superior coffee. We promise to make every effort to reward your coffee investment with unparalleled flavor and service. You know the saying: “You get what you pay for.” Order some stellar coffee now.

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